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Walnut Creek's Test Only Smog Check Station

Serving Walnut Creek, Rossmoor, Concord, Martinez, Pleasant Hill, Clayton, Benicia, Pittsburg,  Danville, Moraga, Alamo, San Ramon, Lafayette, and Orinda.
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It's a pain to get a test. We work hard to get you in and out, so you can get back to life.


As a test only center, we have no incentive to upsell you on anything, like other repair shops.


We like what we do, believe it or not. Our goal is to make offer great service with a smile.


We always welcome walk-in customers, but you can also rest-easy and secure your appointment with us ahead of time. 

Our new online booking tool is easy to use. Plus, we give you a little extra discount for planning ahead!


Get your smog check at a Test Only Center whether you are told to or not by the State of California.




There is no incentive for your vehicle to fail since no repairs can be sold.


A Test and Repair Center can sell you repairs if your vehicle fails the smog test. Test Only Center can smog check just about any vehicle. Since Test and Repair Centers profit by selling diagnostics and repairs, usually the charge for the smog check is less to attract more business. There are several reasons the State created Test Only Centers and one is to try and eliminate Fraud in the smog check industry. It is also illegal for an owner of a Test Only Center to have ownership of a Test and Repair Center within 50 miles of any Test Only Center it may own.


Most vehicles in the state of California are required to pass a smog test every two years for their registration renewal. If you received your renewal notice and found that you are required to get a smog test from a STAR-certified station, head over to All Star Smog Testing, formerly FasTest Smog Center / Walnut Creek Test Only Center. We specialize in accurate and efficient smog tests. Our Licensed Technicians have the necessary skills and technical know-how to perform fast and accurate emission checks on all types of vehicles. With over a decade of experience in the automotive industry, we always strive for a 5-star worthy emission test that is fast and easy.


The standard smog check is required by the state of California for all cars that are over 8 years old. Tests are required every two years, or upon sale of the vehicle. Cars older than 1976 are fully exempted by the regulations.


When moving from out of state, if you wish to get a California registration, your vehicle must pass a smog inspection. This scenario is similar to when a vehicle is tested because it has been sold to another party.


The STAR program was created to further enhance the smog check program run by the California Bureau of Automotive Repair. STAR certified stations (we are one) have demonstrated a history of high quality testing done by technicians.


Gross polluter vehicles are those who the State has classified as a high emissions vehicle. They are directed to certain shops that have the ability to test them correctly.


Pre-inspections are available for a customer if they are unsure whether or not their vehcile will pass. This type of test is typically cheaper and will provide the customer a chance to catch any issues before an official smog inspection is conducted.


When ownership of a vehicle changes, a smog test is required so that the state can ensure the vehicle has not been modified in a way that impacts the emissions of the car. Typically whomever is selling the car will get the vehicle smogged in order to facilitate the sale of the vehicle.



We provide the official SMOG CHECK for all vehicles including trucks, SUVs and Gross Polluters using our cutting edge BAR-97 Emission Inspection System (EIS) required by the State of California. The inspection includes a visual, functional and tail-pipe emissions test. Certain vehicles emissions testing require the use of a dynometer for Acceleration Simulation Mode (ASM), or loaded-mode test. The ASM simulates actual driving conditions and allows for more precise testing for CO, HC and NOx - the three most harmful pollutants emitted by motor vehicles.

Once the SMOG CHECK is completed we will provide you a Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) which is also transmitted to the DMV for your vehicle records. If you vehicle passes, our system will automatically transmit your Smog Certificate to the DMV electronically - which saves you time. 

A "PRE-TEST" allows us to perform the exact same test without sending the information to the DMV, enabling you to make the necessary repairs or adjustments to the vehicle before performing a SMOG CHECK. The "PRE-TEST" is a useful diagnostic procedure for a vehicle with existing problems that may impact the vehicle's emissions system. PRE-TEST : If your vehicle fails the initial SMOG CHECK at our location we offer a "PRE-TEST" at a discounted price. The "PRE-TEST" is the exact same test as a official SMOG CHECK.



We always make sure vehicle is in the right condition for smog inspection. We make sure the catalytic converter is hot (it should be above the 600 F), because  if it’s not many vehicles fail . Most of the German cars fail smog inspection due to improper testing (Mercedes , BMW, etc). We take the time to assure the catalytic converter is at the proper operating temperature to prevent unnecessary and costly failures. Saving the customer time and money.

Don't need repairs? Just need a smog certificate? Then Test Only Smog is just what you need!

Get Smart About Smog Checks

Getting started with smog checks

If you have a car, you’ve probably heard of smog inspections. You may have even had a smog inspection in the past, also known as a smog check, smog test, and smog certification. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you know exactly what goes on in a smog inspection.

Many people are ignorant about smog inspections in spite of how important they are. Putting off a smog inspection can let damage to your vehicle grow more severe and expensive, not to mention the repercussions you may face from the government as well. To explain all the in’s and out’s of smog inspections in California, here are the facts.

What exactly is a smog inspection?

In short, a smog inspection involves experts checking your vehicle’s emissions. The exact means depends on what sort of car you have and how old it is. There are three primary components to a California smog test: the emissions inspection, the visual inspection, and the functional inspection.

What exactly is a smog inspection?

The most obvious reason to get a smog inspection in California is that you probably have to. Most vehicles are required to get smog inspections and a failure to do so can involve legal penalties in the form of fines.

However, getting a smog inspection is also just a generally smart move for any car owner. Excessive emissions aren’t just a problem for the environment, they could also indicate hidden damage to your car. That damage could get worse over time and eventually require expensive repairs. In fact, that hidden damage could be costing you plenty of money right now.


When are smog inspections required?

For vehicles that are not exempted, a smog inspection is required every two years, with the goal being to clean up the air. Most vehicles need to get regular smog inspections, so the list of exceptions in California is fairly short. You do not need to get smog inspections if your vehicle is:

  • A diesel model from 1997 or older

  • A diesel model that weighs over 7 tons (14,000 lbs)

  • An electric model

  • A natural gas model that weighs over 7 tons (14,000 lbs)

  • A motorcycle

  • A trailer

  • A gasoline model from 1975 or older

It’s important to note that this isn’t really a list of vehicles that affect the environment less than non-exempted vehicles. The inclusion or exclusion of a type of vehicle can often come down to politics and policy rather than impact on air quality.

Furthermore, smog inspections are generally required when you want to sell a vehicle. You need to make sure that a vehicle has its emissions checked before transferring the vehicle to someone else.

Finally, there is a separate consideration made for many new vehicles that would otherwise require smog inspections. In place of getting regular smog inspections, an owner can pay a smog abatement fee for the first six years of their car’s life.




Did you receive your renewal notice and discover that it's asking for a "smog inspection at a Star Certfied station" instead of a regular smog check? There is no need to worry! This just means that the state has chosen your car to be inspected at a special smog station. A Star Certified station has met higher performance standards, as set by the BAR and a Test Only Center, is one where vehicles are only tested, no repairs or adjustments are allowed. 

So if it reads, "Smog Certification Required," or "Smog Certification Required at a Star Certified station"


It typically only takes 15 minutes, we can smog while you wait!
Bring your car in today for a smog inspection or even if you don’t need a Start Certified or test only and you need a regular smog check, or gross polluter we test them too!


All Star Smog Testing (formerly known as FasTest Smog Center) is a licensed smog check center providing vehicle emission tests for personal, commercial, and industrial vehicles in Walnut Creek, CA and several surrounding areas.


We were formerly known as Walnut Creek Test Only Center. Since we began business in 2005, we have been going full-throttle in providing the best service, accuracy and efficiency to our smog inspection in order to meet the high standards set by the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) and the high expectations of our customers.


Don't just take our word for it; take it from our previous customers.

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