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Get Smart About Smog Checks

Getting started with smog checks

If you have a car, you’ve probably heard of smog inspections. You may have even had a smog inspection in the past, also known as a smog check, smog test, and smog certification. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you know exactly what goes on in a smog inspection.

Many people are ignorant about smog inspections in spite of how important they are. Putting off a smog inspection can let damage to your vehicle grow more severe and expensive, not to mention the repercussions you may face from the government as well. To explain all the in’s and out’s of smog inspections in California, here are the facts.

What exactly is a smog inspection?

In short, a smog inspection involves experts checking your vehicle’s emissions. The exact means depends on what sort of car you have and how old it is. There are three primary components to a California smog test: the emissions inspection, the visual inspection, and the functional inspection.

What exactly is a smog inspection?

The most obvious reason to get a smog inspection in California is that you probably have to. Most vehicles are required to get smog inspections and a failure to do so can involve legal penalties in the form of fines.

However, getting a smog inspection is also just a generally smart move for any car owner. Excessive emissions aren’t just a problem for the environment, they could also indicate hidden damage to your car. That damage could get worse over time and eventually require expensive repairs. In fact, that hidden damage could be costing you plenty of money right now.


When are smog inspections required?

For vehicles that are not exempted, a smog inspection is required every two years, with the goal being to clean up the air. Most vehicles need to get regular smog inspections, so the list of exceptions in California is fairly short. You do not need to get smog inspections if your vehicle is:

  • A diesel model from 1997 or older

  • A diesel model that weighs over 7 tons (14,000 lbs)

  • An electric model

  • A natural gas model that weighs over 7 tons (14,000 lbs)

  • A motorcycle

  • A trailer

  • A gasoline model from 1975 or older

It’s important to note that this isn’t really a list of vehicles that affect the environment less than non-exempted vehicles. The inclusion or exclusion of a type of vehicle can often come down to politics and policy rather than impact on air quality.

Furthermore, smog inspections are generally required when you want to sell a vehicle. You need to make sure that a vehicle has its emissions checked before transferring the vehicle to someone else.

Finally, there is a separate consideration made for many new vehicles that would otherwise require smog inspections. In place of getting regular smog inspections, an owner can pay a smog abatement fee for the first six years of their car’s life.


All Star Smog Testing (formerly known as FasTest Smog Center) is a licensed smog check center providing vehicle emission tests for personal, commercial, and industrial vehicles in Walnut Creek, CA and several surrounding areas. We were formerly known as Walnut Creek Test Only Center. Since we began business in 2005, we have been going full-throttle in providing the best service, accuracy and efficiency to our smog inspection in order to meet the high standards set by the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) and the high expectations of our customers. Don't just take our word for it; take it from our previous customers.


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We are also happy to serve all of the East Bay, including Concord, Martinez, Pleasant Hill, Clayton, Benicia, Pittsburg, Walnut Creek, Danville, Moraga, Alamo, San Ramon, Lafayette, and Orinda.

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